Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just the Facts

Indicate the answer that best completes each statement or answers each question by writing A, B, or C in the blank.

1. Approximately how many children work in India? (A) 12,000, (B) 120,000, (C) 12.6 million

2. India (A) has the world's fastest-growing economy, (B) ranks last on the United Nations Human Development Index, (C) has the world's highest concentration of poor people.

3. What 1938 US. law banned children under 16 from working in hazardous jobs? (A) Family and Medical Leave Act, (B) Fair Labor Standards Act. (C) Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act

4. Title IX protects public school students and employees from (A) gender discrimination. (B) overcrowded classrooms, (C) racial discrimination.

5. Supporters of single-sex schools say they (A) don't prepare kids for the real world, (B) help kids focus more on schoolwork, (C) develop interpersonal skills.

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